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Pushing ideas into practice

We are 150 professionals in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsinki.
develop brands and businesses through insight and innovation,
by pushing ideas into practice. 

Founded in 2001 and part of Nordic Morning.

New client within Telia

We already have the privilege of working with Telia and Telia Company. After a recent pitch process we are now assigned as digital agency for Telia Carrier.

/ Read moreTelia Carrier is the wholesale part within Telia Company that owns and operates one of the world’s most extensive fiber backbones, by providing network infrastructure and services to more than 1200 customers in 80 different countries worldwide.  

Our first project together will be to define a brand new digital strategy. We are of course thrilled and now kick starting the project as we speak.


360° in the Alps 

We recently launched an interactive 360° experience for L’Oréal Men Expert and their skin care series with mountain water - Hydra Power. The launch builds around a 360°-video where you get to follow the pro-skier AJ Kemppainen as he makes his way down the mountain in the Alps. A new, exciting way for consumers to engage and explore the brand.

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– We are really hitting the peak of the 360° trend while being technically forefront which goes hand in hand with the Men Expert brand and products, says Andreas Gartnell, Nordic Product Manager, L'Oréal Men Expert

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Welcome to the team, Patrik Rosenfeld!

We are happy to welcome Patrik Rosenfeld to the Ottoboni team. He will be managing the work we do together with Duni and Pågen. “Patrik has that broad background that we looked for in this specific recruit­ment", says Madeilene Liljeroth, COO at the Malmö office. "Patrik’s experience from both agency and client side of the industry is a success factor.” 

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Patrik’s professional history includes Search Integration, where he worked as digital strategy expert & business developer and prior to that, a position as senior consultant in digital strategies & web analytics at Cybercom. Some major clients in recent years have been Thule, Bona, Whilborgs, Inet and Landskrona Kommun. Patrik has also had leading positions in digital marketing at TailorStore and MTG.

"I’m now aiming to get to know my new clients and all new colleagues. It feels great to be here".


What a great start!

We’ve had the privilege of starting this year with new exciting opportunities. Our work with L’Oréal has broadened as we now start co­operation with the L’Oréal brand Vichy. We’ll be a part of taking on their brand journey in the Nordics.

We also wish to welcome Nordic Choice Hotels. Together we’ll work with the launch of the new Comfort Hotel in Gothenburg.

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/ Visit Nordic Choice 

New Account Director
Therese Olander

We have known each other for some time and finally we are colleagues! Therese comes from a role as Client Service Director and Department Head at CP+B, and is now joining Ottoboni’s Gothenburg Office as Account Director. She has previously worked at Kappahl, Dragster Kommunikation and Pong, and brings along valuable experience in digital marketing, strategy and team collaboration.

Welcome, Therese!

Nominated in
Årets Byrå 2015

We are happy announce that we are among the nominated agencies for Årets Byrå 2015 – Agency of the Year 2015. Årets Byrå is the annual study among communication agencies, performed by Regi in co­operation with Dagens Industri. The award ceremony will take place at Cirkus in Stockholm on February 11. 

/See full list of nominees at Årets Byrå

Welcome Ulla Hald!

We are really excited to welcome Ulla Hald to Ottoboni. With a vast experience and great people skills she now joins us as Account Director. Ulla comes from a role as Client Director at DigitasLBi and has prior to that a long list of successful projects, initiatives and positions. ”I’m thrilled to be joining Ottoboni now – an agency that thrives on delivering value to both brands and consumers."

/ Read more“I have been working with digital since the 90’s, and I cannot imagine a better time than now to be in this industry. We have consumers expecting relevance and value – anywhere and anytime. We see brands reshaping their organisations to find better ways to build relationships using digital channels. And, we have a myriad of emerging technologies that can help connect brands and consumers in new meaningful ways. These are truly amazing times and I look forward to meeting you in our offices in Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsinki or Stockholm”.


We are looking for new talents

Currently we are looking for new talents to our Stockholm and Gothenburg offices. Regardless if you are a business developer, a team leader, a great facilitator, a designer or a front end-developer – take a look at our career site, either for openings or to let us know you exist!

/ Career at Ottoboni

We're inspired by...
Lateral Thinking 

There is nothing more exciting than thinking of a new idea. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a new idea work. There is nothing more useful than a new idea that helps you meet a goal...

/ Read more A great Nordic Morning Group initiative is the Lateral Thinking Course that we're all attending at various stages. Perfect inspiration and tools for all the workshops we are facilitating with our client teams!  


New location for our office in Gothenburg

We have moved to our brand new office in central Gothenburg, Kungsgatan 50, and are looking forward to meeting you here. So if you happen to pass by – come in for a coffee.

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With passion for cooking

Since many years, Cordon-Bleu and Verner & Verner are two well-known stores in Sweden. The love for cookery utensils and cooking has always been the main starting point. We have now launched, a new online store for premium quality kitchen utensils.

/ Read more Merx Team and Ottoboni have a far-reaching co­operation. The Zerrazza project started after the summer of 2015, together with Perfect Day Media. The common goal was to create a first class online store for the upcoming Christmas.

In classic Ottoboni style, we created a conceptual technical prototype at an early stage. As the work progressed, it turned into real-life situation. This enabled Perfect Day Media to start publishing their inspiring reportages and films and linking them to the products in the online store. Furthermore, the web­site has a lot of smart functions installed, ready to be activated as the e-commerce develops.

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Riksbyggen launch x2

In December 2015, Riksbyggen launched the new web platforms and, with a design based on user tests and built with prototyping. 

"The prototype has been a central tool. You can quickly identify key features which saves a lot of time and resources. Furthermore, it's a very good platform for monitoring and measurement", says Wictor Stiebel, account manager at Ottoboni.

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Ottoboni compiled and concretized Riksbyggen’s different businesses in a pilot study. The user tests showed a demand for three main areas: find housing, property service and customer support, which became the guidelines in the user experience design. Target groups analysis were performed to find the driving forces and needs of potential visitors to the site.

A clickable prototype was created early and target tested continuously, in a joint team with Riksbyggen. A prototype makes it possible to test look and feel. How does it feel to navigate to a page, how do the buttons look in different modes and what happens when moving from desktop to mobile to tablet? The prototype also served as a basis for the digital styleguide.

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Welcome to us, 
Daniel Askergren

From the role as Nordic Client Service Director at DDB Stockholm, we are pleased to have Daniel Askergren in our team here at Ottoboni. "Daniel has long experience in business and client development, which aligns perfectly well with the new strategic route we are on", says Oskar Sparreljung, Agency Director at Ottoboni's Stockholm office, where Daniel will have his base. 

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“I've had four exciting years at DDB", says Daniel. "When I analyzed the digital agencies and networks around, I found Ottoboni's position – as a part of the Nordic Morning context with a timely complete digital offering – obvious as first choice.

Through my years working with the Nordic market I've gained insights to the agency landscape and offering. I have seen how fast customer needs and market investments change. Brand building becomes less of an advertising issue. The customer experience is all about how well you are treated in the digital interface – where innovation, function and relevance are key factors.


New clients on board

During fall 2015 we started some exciting new collaborations; For Key Code, a company that provides security services and products, we have been contracted for the foundation of a new digital strategy. For EFG, European Furniture Group,  we take on the role as strategic partner. We have also signed a two year contract with Västra Götalandsregionen

We take this opportunity to welcome our new clients on board!

Learn to fail to succeed

Tero Salonen, Business Development Director at Ottoboni: "I’ve been lucky to work with many clients who have dared to think that the current status quo isn’t going to keep them at the top of the game. In this world the risks are big but the potential of winning is always so much bigger. To them, staying still is the biggest risk you can take."

What combines these clients, who dare to try and possibly fail?

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