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If you are in the business you probably already have a good idea of who we are. But the world is constantly evolving and so do we. What was true yesterday is a different reality today – and is sure to be in a year from now. This journey is exciting, stimulating and fun, and if you're our kind of person you won't just ride along, you'll help form it. We work internationally but our corporate language is Swedish, therefore our job ads are published in Swedish at our career site.

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intricate industry

The new Nordic payment group Bambora was launched on the 21:st of May. Bambora consists of some of the payment industry’s prime innovators, engineers, financial advisors, marketeers and digital developers with the common goal of simplifying trade between people, in stores as well as online. Ottoboni had the privilege to be involved from the very start / Read more and released the first project within the co­operation, a first version of bambora.com, in connection to the company launch.

"Bambora is a major payment company with billion turnover, while we act as an agile startup for our customers. The combination of extensive industry experience combined with a strong challenge spirit must permeate everything we do, not least in our own channels. Ottoboni has certainly managed to capture the feeling of the brand and what we stand for", says Agnes von Schulzenheim, director of marketing at Bambora.

"It has been a challenging but enjoyable process, where branding, business development and the work aligning the digital presence have been going on in parallel. Together with our competent clients in Bambora, the brand agency Rewir and a tight team here, we got everything in place in time for the first launch", says Jakob Schenström, who handles the account at Ottoboni.

Bambora consists of a consolidation of the companies Samport, MPS, ePay, DK Online, Key Corp and Euroline, which together handle over 3 billion transactions, of which around 50 percent are online. This now makes Bambora the largest in Sweden in payment transactions online.
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More color to
everyday life

Color Riche is one of the world's most iconic lipsticks and this year it celebrates 30 years. To honor the occasion L'Oréal Paris launches new lipstick shades and invites people to bring more color to everyday life.  / Read more

"We found a concept that is really all about what L'Oréal Paris stands for – the need to express one's unique personality. For us, colorfull lips stand for joy and confidence, something that we cannot get too much of. The fact that we celebrate the 30 years anniversary of the Color Riche lipstick, the #lipstickfriday contest is on one hand obvious and on another hand amazing," says Qaroline Nähl, Nordic Digital Director at L'Oreal Paris.

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Never stop

Some days are better than others. Like when BRIO looked for a full service agency and we were entrusted as their new partner. "We do have fun at work most of the time, but since our co­operation with BRIO began, everyday life has become even more playful", says Madeilene Liljeroth, Agency Director at Ottoboni Malmo. / Read more

Winner 2015

www.forsvarsmakten.se, the official web­site of The Swedish Armed Forces has again been awarded Winner by Internetworld in the annual top 100 list, in category "Best authority web site in Sweden 2015" with the motivation: “With clear imagery, a modern layout and a lot of information combined with enjoyable content / Read more

the site becomes both informative and entertaining. The connection to Social Media is neat, and dividing it all into three sections; Authority, Jobs and Blog, is a hit”. 

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New Director of
Creative Technology

After two years as product specialist at EPiServer, Kalle Ljung returns to Ottoboni. This time around as Director of Creative Technology. "We have been searching for quite a while, for someone to match this role, who can drive innovation forward together with our creative teams in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe", says Daniel Bernehjält, CEO at Ottoboni.

Now a part of Nordic Morning!

Since the 6:th of March Ottoboni is a part of Nordic Morning."It´s great to become part of a company that has similar ways of thinking, a genuine curiosity and the same client & service focus as we do, but in a larger scale", says our CEO and founder Daniel Bernehjält.
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