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Learn to fail to succeed

Tero Salonen, Business Development Director at Ottoboni: "I’ve been lucky to work with many clients who have dared to think that the current status quo isn’t going to keep them at the top of the game. In this world the risks are big but the potential of winning is always so much bigger. To them, staying still is the biggest risk you can take."

What combines these clients, who dare to try and possibly fail?

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Panel discussion at SIME

Our UX-Specialist Sussi Zällh joined the expert panel at SIME, as we held a joint Nordic Morning Workshop with our colleagues from Sitrus and KliKKi. The panel took a look at how a typical organization can stay grounded as it navigates the complexities of insights, content, visibility and service design.

Anyone can code! Or?

Is coding really that difficult? One of our front-end gurus, Kenneth Illman, challenged all of us, inspired by the "Code in the dark"-concept, coding without seeing the actual interface outcome. After a training session and some practicing the tournament was on.

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Simple rules: Maximum 15 minutes. Only use CSS / HTML. No EMMET or Zen-coding. And absolutely no auto complete. That's where most of us got lost. Anyway – we all had great fun!


Gold Award in
Svenska Designpriset!

We are very proud of the gold medal in Swedish Design Award 2015 for our work with NK Department Store. The jury justified the winning digital identity with: "For keeping the ambition vivid, yesterday and today, with allure and inspiration."

Congratulations to the team and to NK!

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Our co­operation with NK began in spring 2014, with the launch of new in November that same year. Our assignment included strategy, conceptual work, digital identity, design, structure, copywriting and technological development.

"We had the benefit of a close teamwork with our client and a clear joint vision, says Martina Sundling, Account Manager at Ottoboni."

With the launch NK obtained a digital domicile to inspire and attract visits to the two department stores, visualizing the variety of department stores, brands and all activities that take place on a daily basis.

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L'Oréal Paris - La Palette Nude

One major trend in make-up is "nude eyes". We see it everywhere, on blogs, YouTube and Instagram. For those who want to embrace this trend, L'Oréal Paris has developed La Palette Nude. Ottoboni has worked with the launch.

/ Read more The new site is an extension of concept we developed when launching the Makeup Genius App. By taking advantage of Makeup Genius, we can guide the visitors to try and buy the product in-app. Together with a selection of bloggers, we also brought forth a contest – to test the looks available in Makeup Genius and share the one you like the most on Instagram #mynudelook.

Each day the best uploaded looks are rewarded with a La Palette Nude kit. The final winner will get to create a personal look which will become part of Makeup Genius. 

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Meet us in Helsinki

Come listen to Ottoboni at the leading industry event, Marketing Communications Week Helsinki, on September 22–23.

With the keynote "Business as Unusual", we take a look at how new technologies and services are changing our lives and, as a result, disrupting various industries to create new exciting opportunities.

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With a vision never to stagnate

Over the past decade, Bolon has evolved from a traditional flooring company into a leading design brand. They are driven by a will to change the perception of the conventional, in any form it may occur. Our co­operation started out a couple of years back – with a new digital presence. 

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Pågen bakes with sustainability

Most Swedes have tasted Pågens’ popular bread. However, not everybody is aware about Pågens' sustainability work, with focus on local produce and how you can make a difference for the environment by choosing the right breakfast bread. The new site is a step in highlighting this. 

/ Read more presents the assortment together with a variety of serving suggestions. The site is also a step in a long term strategy to highlight Pågens' sustainability work. For example, the cereals in Pågens’ bread are cultivated not far from the two mills owned by Pågen, which minimizes transports.

Correctly handled, bread is climate smart food, with an environmental impact on a par with carrots and potatoes.

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We establish in Finland!

Today Ottoboni Finland has started its operations in Helsinki. Ottoboni Finland is a strategic agency specialized in customer experience and digital service innovations.

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Ottoboni Finland was formed by combining Citat Oy’s service design and user experience capabilities with the strategic expertise of the newly acquired Alkuvoima, which is specialized in customer experience and digital service innovations. 

"We are excited! Through the launch of Ottoboni Finland we bring together expertise and experience that strengthen Ottoboni's offering, not only in Finland but anywhere we operate. We warmly welcome our new colleagues and customers onboard”, says Daniel Bernehjält, founder and Managing Director of Ottoboni Sweden. 

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GANT in a brand new costume

In September, GANT's new web­site was launched globally, in conjunction with GANT's brand new visual identity and segmentation within the brand; GANT Originals, GANT Rugger and GANT Diamond G. Ottoboni has developed user experience and design supporting the requirements of an effective and conversion-oriented e-commerce.

/ Read more"We have worked with GANT for some time, but this is the first opportunity we've had to affect all sites", says Oskar Sparreljung at Ottoboni. Now all markets are joint in the uniformed manner that we developed. 

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Climbing in global popularity

We work with various Web Content Management Systems as base for communication and services we bring forward. One of our preferred partners since many years is Episerver; therefore we're happy to see that it now is climbing globally in popularity.

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From CMS Wire, on Gartner Report: The newbies in the leaders category include OpenText, SDL and Episerver, the latter which merged with longtime Gartner MQ staple Ektron earlier this year. The returning leaders included Adobe, Sitecore, Oracle, IBM, HP and Acquia.

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We are inspired by...

Talent, technology and curiosity are often fundaments for success. Don't miss Kalle Ljung's article about the amazing Antarctica-movie he produced with the aid of a GoPro 3+ camera and a drone. "Using the drone enabled me to create sweeping shots of the arctic landscape and shifting glaciers... The scenery and wildlife were otherworldly."

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Watch the amazing movie clip on Vimeo 

Makeup Genius
Nordic launch 

Makeup Genius by L'Oréal Paris is the world's first virtual makeup app. Launches began in selected markets in 2014 and we had the privilege to work with the Nordic market.

Denmark launched first and the app hit No. 1 in downloads on the very first day. Shortly after we released in the Finnish and Norwegian markets, and in June we launched in Sweden!

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Challenges the payment industry

The new Nordic payment group Bambora was launched in May 2015. Bambora consists of some of the payment industry’s prime innovators, engineers, financial advisors, marketeers and digital developers with the common goal of simplifying trade between people, in stores as well as online. 

/ Read more Ottoboni had the privilege to be involved from the very start and released the first project within the co­operation, a first version of, in connection to the company launch. It was a challenging but enjoyable process, where branding, business development and the work aligning the digital presence have been going on in parallel.

"Bambora is a major payment company with billion turnover, while we act as an agile startup for our customers. The combination of extensive industry experience combined with a strong challenge spirit must permeate everything we do, not least in our own channels. Ottoboni has certainly managed to capture the feeling of the brand and what we stand for", says Agnes von Schulzenheim, Director of Marketing at Bambora.

Bambora consists of a consolidation of the companies Samport, MPS, ePay, DK Online, Key Corp and Euroline, which together handle over 3 billion transactions, of which around 50 percent are online. This now makes Bambora the largest in Sweden in payment transactions online.

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Wanted: Client focused co-workers

Prior to the summer 2015 Telia had set the goal to employ 350 new client focused co-workers. Telia anticipated that they needed to receive approx. 3 500 applications. In order to reach those numbers we chose to work broadly with campaign site, guidance, commercial film and social media. After only three weeks we reached 5 000 applications.

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